About Pacific Magazine

The mission of Pacific University is to inspire students who think, care, create, and pursue justice in the world.

At Pacific magazine, our mission is to share the stories of the people who live out that mission every day.

We seek to extend the nurturing environment of our campuses and the close relationships our students employees foster across time and space through authentic, inspiring storytelling.

We hope that the stories you read, the pictures you see, the videos you watch, and the conversations you engage in — both in the printed magazine and here online — help bring a piece of Pacific University into your home.

Who reads Pacific magazine?

About 27,000 people receive each copy of Pacific magazine. Our readership list includes all alumni, employees, recent donors, and parents of undergraduate students. Copies of each magazine also are available on each of our four campuses, as well as at our offices in Portland and Honolulu.

Who makes Pacific magazine?

Pacific magazine is a product of the Office of Marketing & Communications, in close collaboration with the Office of Alumni Relations, at Pacific University. Contact our editor, Jenni Luckett, at pacificmag@pacificu.edu, or find other members of the magazine staff.

What do you think?

Pacific magazine exists for its readers. We value your opinions, and we invite you to share your feedback at any time. We welcome letters to the editor for publication, as well as your one-on-one communications, as well. Email your thoughts to pacificmag@pacificu.edu, call Editor Jenni Luckett at 503-352-3006, or send a letter to:

Pacific magazine
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