President’s Letter

As educators, we wait a long time to see the results of our work.

Teachers are pleased, of course, when students perform well on an exam or write an insightful thesis.

We relish in the “aha moments,” when a student suddenly grasps a new concept or idea.

We watch with pride as our students incrementally grow into themselves a bit more year after year.

But the true payoff rarely comes until decades later, when — if we are lucky — we get to see the amazing human beings that our students become and the lives they touch as a result, in part, of their educations.

This fall, we were thrilled to pay tribute to three alumni who represent some of the best of Pacific.

The Pacific University Alumni Association Awards are the highest honors we can bestow upon our graduates. Presented every other year, the awards recognize Pacific University alumni who are early leaders in their fields, who give back to the university and its students, and who dedicate their lives to making the world better for others.

In short, they recognize the alumni who best exemplify our mission to think, care, create, and pursue justice in the world. Among them:

  • Daintry Bartoldus ’88, who has spent her life supporting the most vulnerable members of her community, both professionally and personally.
  • Peter Agbo PharmD ’09, who has sought education and training in healthcare and put that learning to work serving patients day-to-day here in the United States and in creating a nonprofit and providing direct care for those without access to healthcare in his home country of Nigeria.
  • Steve Dustrude ’73, who has been a leader in education, a dedicated advocate for youth, and a benefactor of future generations of Pacific students.

As we think about student success today, we recognize that success means something different to everyone. Financial and career success is, of course, one of our primary hopes for our students. But we expect more than that. We set out to give our students the tools and inspiration to be engaged citizens and neighbors who, in turn, support the success of others and make the world a better place.

We are so proud of this year’s alumni award recipients — and of all of our alumni. You are the manifestation of what it means to be a Pacific University Boxer. You are an inspiration to our students today and all that we hope for their tomorrows.

Lesley M. Hallick

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