From the President

Nearly 50 years ago, Tim ’74 and Cathy Tran ’74 came to Pacific University as bright-eyed international students. At the top of their classes at home in Vietnam, they were intent on gaining U.S. college degrees and expanding the opportunities available for their futures.

Little did they dream that the educations — and relationships — they found at Pacific would ultimately carry them through escape from political upheaval and war and into new starts in the United States.

The students who come to Pacific today may not all have experiences as dramatic as the Trans, but their dreams are no smaller.

They are students like Jahan Asad, who plans to enroll in the fall. She is not only the first in her immediate family to attend college; she is one of the first women in her family to ever graduate from high school.

She dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon and giving hope to people like her, who have struggled with unexpected medical issues.

At Pacific, we see so many dreams. Whether they are the children and grandchildren of Pacific Boxer and Badger alumni or, like 20 percent of our students, the first in their families to attend college, our students are striving for a better tomorrow.

That’s what Lead On: The Campaign for Tomorrow at Pacific University is all about. It is about creating possibilities and opportunities for those students, today and in perpetuity, to achieve their dreams.

It is about creating learning environments and resources that provide the spaces and tools to deliver the education of tomorrow. It is about adapting in order to maintain the core of who we are at Pacific while taking hold of new ideas and innovations.

It is about delivering on the Pacific promise, that no matter who you are or what your background, Pacific is a place where you will find caring staff and nurturing faculty, an inspirational and supportive environment, and the opportunity to create a better tomorrow, for yourself and for others.

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