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When I graduated from high school, a family member gave me a spiral-bound book called Where’s Mom Now That I Need Her?

On one level, I’m sure it was meant to be funny. It certainly never stopped me from calling my mom for help.

But I did turn to that book a lot in the coming years.

It was full of simple tips for grown-up life: laundry tricks, basic car maintenance, easy recipes, and so much more.

It’s an old book, but so helpful that I’ve sought it out as a gift when other family members have finished high school and headed out on their own.

And, I’ve thought back to the tips I needed most as another kind of guide: a list of what I need to be sure my own children learn as they’re growing up.

I like to think I get a little smarter every year. Some lessons have come with the help of books and guides; some (like the importance of managing credit cards responsibly) had to come the hard way.

It never hurts to have a little help, though.

So this issue of Pacific magazine is the beginning of a suite of tips, tools and connections to help you navigate the challenges on life’s journey after college. We turned to experts among our alumni and faculty here at Pacific to gain insight into some of our biggest day-to-day life questions.

Their answers are in the pages of this issue, and we’ll have more to come here at in the coming months and with special events and resources from the Alumni Association.

As we begin a new year, often full of resolutions and plans to be a little more organized, a little more “grownup,” we hope you find a resource that helps you on your way. And we invite you to continue to connect with Pacific by letting us know what worked, what questions we can help answer, and how we can continue to be a nurturing part of your life.

Jenni M. Luckett

This Issue

Money Management

Dollars & Sense

Get Your Financial House in Order

Adulting 101

Everybody Needs a Will

Listen: Noel Pacarro Brown MAT ’05 | Coming in February

Choosing a School

Do Your Homework

College Search 101

Listen: Tips from Pacific Undergraduate Admissions | Coming in January

Get Involved

Rewarding Retirement

Just a Minute: How to Use Your Time to Give Back

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