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Jenni Luckett
Jenni Luckett

When we first envisioned a “Made at Pacific” issue of Pacific magazine, we were thinking very literally.

We wanted to highlight the ways in which the Pacific community has added to the world through innovation. Our focus was on the inventions, products and companies developed by Pacific University students and alumni.

But as so often is the case, that idea was just the beginning. Because those inventions, products and companies have an impact well beyond anything we could capture in these pages.

Paul and Nancy Phillips have been leaders in public policy through their company Pac/West. But how many more lives have they touched in their respective careers as a legislator and a teacher?

How many people will be empowered to live more full lives due to the medical tools being developed by students in the Berglund Center? What will those people do, in turn, with the freedom that they gain?

My own Pacific story starts less than six years ago, when I joined the university’s Marketing & Communications staff. But, unbeknownst to me, Pacific was touching my life long before that. My own mentor in college, the professor who set my career on its path, was himself a Pacific alumnus and the son of a Pacific professor. How many stories have been told, how many ideas shaped, by his students?

Every time that Pacific offers a scholarship or funds the start-up of a new idea, it’s only the first pebble in a pond, setting off a series of ripples we cannot begin to imagine.

Far more is “Made at Pacific” than we could ever capture: families and friendships, memories and inspiration, and above all, opportunity.

The impact of which is immeasurable.

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