Vision for the Future

For nearly 75 years, the Pacific University College of Optometry has been serving the vision care needs of our community and preparing future generations of doctors of optometry to do the same.

This year, the college is undertaking two capital projects to improve its facilities for patient care and practitioner education.

You can support these projects today by making a gift to the College of Optometry’s Jefferson Hall renovation or the new EyeVan. Make a gift.

Pacific EyeClinic Forest Grove is undergoing a remodel as part of the Jefferson Hall renovation.
Pacific EyeClinic Forest Grove is undergoing a remodel as part of the Jefferson Hall renovation.

The home of the College of Optometry, Jefferson Hall was built in 1952, expanded in 1967, and partially renovated in 1999. Though equipment and teaching has advanced with the profession, the building itself has remained much the same throughout its 50-plus year life.

This year, a remodel of the facility will focus on the clinical and teaching spaces, as well as infrastructure updates, such as ventilation and asbestos removal.

New lanes in the clinic will provide patients with a comfortable and modern setting for their eyecare and will facilitate the state-of-the-art learning and teaching that is a hallmark of the Pacific University College of Optometry.



In addition to its six clinics throughout the Portland area (including the one being updated in Jefferson Hall), the College of Optometry also offers mobile vision care to children, migrant workers, and other underserved populations through its EyeVan.

This clinic on wheels travels to schools, vineyards and health fairs, where students and faculty provide screenings, exams and education to improve vision care — and often work with other Pacific healthcare programs to give patients comprehensive health resources.

The EyeVan, however, reached its end of life last year and is being replaced with a new, retrofitted RV which will expand both the number of patients and geographic area served. The new EyeVan will include two full lanes and will allow Pacific students to travel beyond Northwest Oregon into the more rural regions of Oregon and Washington to provide care.

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