From the President

At Pacific University, we encourage students to get involved. Civic engagement is a cornerstone of a Pacific education, and our students do not live or learn in an isolated bubble.

This fall has been a challenging period for our country, and we feel it here at Pacific. There is a sense of uncertainty, and even fear, in the air for some. We do all we can to ensure that all our students are supported and that they have a safe place to learn.

At the same time, we also encourage them to step outside of their own comfort zones to engage in exciting discussions and respectful debates. This is a place where they meet new people, challenge their own perspectives, and interact with a wider community.

More than anything, I think our students share a passion for improving the world around them. Regardless of their background, they are here to gather the skills and experiences that will prepare them to make a difference — as teachers, health professionals, scientists, business leaders, public servants, community activists, artists, writers and much, much more.

Your gifts to Pacific help us extend the opportunity to attend Pacific to students across the economic spectrum, creating alumni who are shaping the world around us. You support people like Iain Culp ’09, who took his theatre major to Asia to work with children and refugees (page 16). Or Najma Cheema ’16, who is exceeding her own dreams and teaching the next generation (page 18). Or our physical therapy and occupational therapy students who are changing lives for children in our own neighborhoods (page 12).

You help give Pacific students the tools and experiences to go out and improve their world — and ours.

Thank you for joining me in supporting Pacific University.

Lesley M. Hallick

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