Bye Bye Badger

In 1968, Pacific University students voted to change the university’s mascot from a badger to the Boxer. To mark the transition, students held a funeral for Benny the Badger, burying the mascot costume.

Benny, along with his female companion, Betty the Badger, is still on display in the university museum in Old College Hall.

Boxer, meanwhile, continues to grow in legend, even as the original statue has been missing for more than 40 years. In October, local historians Ken & Kris Bilderback made Boxer the subject of the latest edition of History Revealed, a documentary-style series chronicling Washington County’s past. Watch it here:


  1. I’ve been trying to find a picture of the original “new” logo from 2008 with the horn and forked tongue, but it appears Pacific’s managed to purge it from the Internet. Does anyone have this? Alternatively, if the logo on the gym floor never got fixed, could someone get a photo of that?

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