Boxer Voices, (Mini-)Episode 2: Pacific Heroes


Fall is in the air at Pacific University, where nearly 550 incoming freshmen and transfer students are moving in this week to get their undergraduate years underway.

As part of their Orientation, they will talk about “Pacific Heroes,” the people who make Pacific such a special place to live, learn and grow.

A group of alumni and current students recently shared some of their own Pacific heroes, and we listened in for this special mini-episode of Boxer Voices.

We hear from Kawita Kaur ’17, a biology major who was inspired by Physics Professor Juliet Brosing; Del Judy ’46, MAEd ’73, and Clark Peters ’65, MSEd ’70 remember the legendary Hap Hingston; and Bill Turner ’63 talks about the impact of Math Professor Andrewa Nobel ’29.

We look forward to sharing additional alumni memories in future episodes of Boxer Voices. If you would like to share your story or have a suggestion for an upcoming episode, email me!

Jenni Luckett, Editor


  1. “Hap” is certainly a “hero” for me. However, the Pacific “path of Heroes” surely is long and distinguished. This Boxer can’t help but also recollect Dr.’s Scheller, Jane Rink, Shirley Malcomb (sp.?), McVicker (also our Phi Bete faculty advisor), Berggren, Coach Dan French…..our list goes on and on. It’s a shame not to list all of them…..
    So many of our faculty and staff folks knew us by FIRST name and always were watching out for our well-being.
    Pacific “Heroes” are real live teachers who “touched the future.”

    1. Bob Davies/English, inspired many of us with his astute and supportive instruction and expectations. I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that Pacific would honor his service to students as he is living in Portland with his wife Jane, who also contributed to the growth and maturity of her students.
      His encouragement and teaching inspired me during my 48 year career in education.

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