Philosophy of Glub


“Dave Boersema created this term, Glub. Or perhaps he just utilized it? Popularized it (so to speak) in my many philosophy classes with him?

“I don’t know with certainty if he in fact originated Glub. That would be a hard thing to know, as Glub was (and likely is) so many, many things.”

Chris Dillon ’95 was a literature and creative writing major at Pacific University, but Philosophy Professor Dave Boersema — and the notion of Glub — sticks in his memory.

“It is the everything and nothing of that which exists just beyond our ability to name it, to know it. A word that encompasses any abstract quality that we are attempting to understand on a conceptual level. One he used as an example to help illuminate many varied philosophic constructions.

“Glub got around. So promiscuous a word was Glub that I am certain it popped up a minimum of Glub times in four years (though you can check my math on that).

“Because of all this, I believe the following line of reasoning is inescapably true:”

To be a great philosophy professor, one must be filled with an essential quality of Glub.
Dave Boersema is a truly great philosophy professor.
Therefore, Dave Boersema is essentially full of Glub.

As Boersema prepares to retire in Spring 2016, alumni from across four decades — those who were philosophy majors and those from every other corner of the university — are serenading him with their memories and accolades.

Pacific is paying tribute to Boersema’s career and influence on students with the Dave Boersema Philosophy Book Fund. This fund will provide selected philosophy books to noted students in the Philosophy Department for years to come. Help continue his legacy with a gift to the Dave Boersema Philosophy Book Fund today.

And join fellow alumni in sharing their memories of Dave in the comments below.

“Dave’s knowledge, humor and communication style make learning and discussing philosophy fun. It seems the amount of truth and reason in this world would increase if more people could learn the critical thinking skills
Dave teaches so well.” — Aaron Ross ’96

“Dave was probably the biggest influence on my academic life at pacific. Dave’s passion for philosophy and for teaching philosophy inspired me. I had the pleasure of calling dave a friend after graduation, and i count our leisurely discussions of everything from Quine to Star Trek, often over cigars, as some of my favorite memories.” — Bjorn Paige ’91, MAT  ’94

“Dave is a lifetime friend. He taught me to laugh at myself and to enjoy simple things. I will forever hear his ‘mischief laugh’ in my head when contemplating shenanigans. ‘Hee hee!’ Thank you my friend for so many moments of simple joy!” — Colleen Couron Smith ’89

“Dave is a scholar, peace builder, and Star Trek geek. Live long and prosper. I have been, and always shall be, your friend.” — Rev. Dr. Chuck Currie ’91

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  1. Among his many services to the school, Dave served as a voting representative of the faculty on Pacific’s Board of Trustees. I was fortunate to also be on the Board then, and Dave’s warmth and wit have created an indelible memory for me. If I had lived closer to Forest Grove (I live in Berkeley) I would have wanted to audit a class of his. Dave’s students have been so lucky to have had the benefit of his intellect and friendship. Thank you, Dave, for all the kindness you have shown to all who know you, and for your commitment to every task you have undertaken.

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