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LuckettIf you spend any time on social media, you’ve probably seen the term all the feels. It’s the slang reaction for when something evokes an intense emotional response.

This issue of Pacific magazine gives me all the feels.

I choked up writing about Zoey Mendoza Zimmerman ’95. Her children were just 3 and 5 when they were killed. My own children are 2 and 6. When I look at her photos, I see my babies.

But here she is, standing up to share her story, to tell other grieving parents, “I’m here. I survived. Let me be with you through this.”

I knew shamefully little about the 1964 Freedom Summer before I met Fran O’Brien ’65, who risked her young life to teach and fight racism during the Civil Rights Movement — and who went on to spend a career working for the rights and opportunities of children with special needs.

She taught me about history — and she made me wonder what I would stand up for, at what cost.

At Pacific, we talk about interprofessional education and practice, particularly in the health professions. The alumni in our special section bring that term to life — they are literally putting their Pacific educations to work transforming lives.

Pacific University is a pretty amazing place — but the people who have passed through here in the past 165-plus years are even more amazing. Their stories have the power to make us laugh and cry, to teach us about ourselves and about each other.

They give us a glimpse into a world that, as one alumnus put it in his memories of Dave Boersema, is “a whole big, dumb, absurd, important, amazing, wonderful, silly thing.”

In short, they give us all the feels.

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