1. Excellent, excellent article!! Fran truly is an inspirational and amazing lady! What lessons we can learn from this article and from her experiences.

  2. Fran was a freshman with me in the dorm at Pacific University. I really liked her, and am thrilled to have read her story. Many of us in that freshman dorm did our best to work toward racial harmony. I graduated from Stanford, and eventually taught at Merritt College in Oakland for 30 years, in the Landscape Horticulture Department – working with people from all races and religions. Old values seem to “die hard,” but her contribution is, indeed, wonderful! Thank you so much Fran!
    Judy Oglesby Thomas ’65

  3. We knew Fran from church and always found her faith and kindness an inspiration. We moved from California to Illinois and miss our old church family very much.

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