AZ is for Life

Membership in the Alpha Zeta Fraternity at Pacific University is a lifetime affair. Just ask these members from the 1960s, an era of Boxer tosses, hijinks and serious Greek pride.

ThenNowIn the top picture, Alpha Zetas Norm Scott ‘63, Rich Roskam ‘68, Gary Hill ‘63, Steve Anderson ‘67, Bob Barrett ‘66, Steve Donahue ‘66, Tom Love ‘68, and John Stachelhause ‘64 ­— plus a few other hiding AZs — pose with the original Boxer statue, which was lost in 1969.

AZCrestBelow, several of the same AZs gathered at Hilton Head with their wives for a special reunion in October 2015. Pictured are Bob Platt ‘66, Taber Hersum ‘64, Bill Ott ‘66, Bob Barrett ‘66, George Long ‘63, Norm Scott ‘63, Dave Schibler ‘63, and Mike Inouye ‘66. Also at the reunion, but not pictured, are Betsy Barrett, Lynne Hersum ‘67, Gary ‘63 and Debbie Hill, Linda Inouye ‘68, Pete ‘63 and Ginger Mellinger, Carmen Ott, Loraine Schibler ‘64, and Cheryl Scott ‘65.

The Alpha Zetas will reunite again ­— this time in Forest Grove — for special festivities as part of Homecoming 2016, Oct. 14-16.

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