Special Healthcare Edition

At Pacific University, our alumni are a diverse group.

About half of our 25,000-plus alumni graduated in just the last 15 years, many from our graduate and professional programs. More than anything, this special publication is for you.

Though your education had the Pacific hallmarks of a caring, nurturing faculty in a small learning environment, your experience was still fundamentally different than the four years that most undergraduates spent in Forest Grove.

This special edition of Pacific magazine is an effort to highlight your experiences and to provide you with additional support as you navigate your professional world.

We hope you enjoy it. We would love to hear your thoughts on this publication, and how we can better tell your story and support you as alumni of Pacific University.

Please drop me a note at pacificmag@pacificu.edu, leave a comment below, or complete a short survey, which will be emailed to you soon.

Special Healthcare Edition


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