Welcome to the New Pacific Magazine Online

LuckettWelcome to Pacific magazine online.

We are proud to debut a new design for this website, which serves as a companion to the popular print magazine of Pacific University.

This isn’t Pacific magazine’s first foray into the digital world. We were on the leading edge of universities exploring online magazines when we launched our initial site back in 2010.

But five years is an eternity on the web, and it was time for a new look.

If these pages look a bit sparse, it’s because they are.

We are so bombarded by information and distraction in our modern world. At Pacific, we wanted to create an online reading experience that invites readers to slow down and focus on the stories in front of them.

The text is big — really big. So are the pictures. There are videos embedded in some stories, but that’s about it.

The site is optimized for a mobile-first experience. You can, of course, use the site on your desktop or laptop computer, but you will find it is especially easy to read on a tablet or phone.

And, each story features the option to share with your friends via social media.

Don’t worry: We have no plans to replace our print edition with the website or to revamp our content to Top 10 lists or crazy cat pictures.

This is just another way to share the stories of Pacific people: people who think, care, create, and pursue justice in our world.

We think of Pacific magazine as an opportunity to deliver a little piece of the Pacific University experience to your home a couple of times a year.

This site, then, is an opportunity to deliver that Pacific experience to your pocket, every day.

We hope you like it.

But whether you love it or hate it, we want to hear your thoughts. Share your feelings on the new site — or any of the magazine content — in the comments below, by email to pacificmag@pacificu.edu, or give me a call at 503-352-3006.

Happy reading!

Jenni Luckett, Editor

How to Use The Site | Stories are published in date order and tagged by subject and issue. Click on the issue (Winter 2015, Summer 2014, etc.) to find more stories from that print issue. Click on the subject tags at the bottom of a story to find more stories about that topic. Use the search bar to find a story about a particular person. All stories published since the beginning of 2014 are here, and you also can find the current issue, as well as past issues back to 2009, in PDF format.

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