From the President

PresidentDanika Gilbert ’94 is helping Afghan girls experience freedom by climbing mountains.

Mandi Feucht ’09, MED ‘14 is teaching sixth-graders in Beaverton.

And Nick Blight OD ‘17 is an artist studying to become an optometrist and care for others.

At Pacific University, our mission is to educate students to become global leaders who think, care, create, and pursue justice in the world.

Our alumni take that charge seriously. We have nearly 25,000 Boxers and Badgers all over the world. They work as teachers, healthcare providers, or in a myriad of other careers, striving to make an impact on the world around them.

And they could not do it without you.

Our generous donors are paramount in helping us to provide a meaningful educational experience for students at every level. Your gifts fund facilities and equipment. You help us recruit top faculty, who are committed to discovery and, even more, to their students.

And, you fund dedicated scholarships that also provide us with the flexibility to offer substantive financial aid packages that help our students access higher education.

Danika, Mandi and Nick were each recipients of scholarships at Pacific. Those scholarships are what empowered them to pursue the work they do today.

Because you give, Pacific University provides undergraduate and graduate degree programs to more than 3,800 students.

Because you give, we are able to make tuition more affordable and recruit the best and brightest students to our campuses.

Because you give, our students become alumni who are making a difference in people’s lives all around the globe.

We thank you, sincerely, for your continued support.

Lesley M. Hallick, President

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