Gifts in Honor

Throughout the year, Pacific receives many gifts from donors wishing to commemorate a friend of loved one. Honorary gifts ensure that generations to come will have the opportunity to succeed at Pacific.

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In honor of Derek Akimoto ’03
Brian & Ada Akimoto

In honor of Ross Akimoto ’06
Brian & Ada Akimoto

In honor of Kenneth ’64 and Susan Alcorn ’65
Gerald ’61 & Laura James Frye ’65

In honor of Mark Ankeny
John & Linda Miller
Ellen Reuler

In honor of Mark D. Bailey
August Mandulak
Kerry Mandulak

In honor of Daiva Banaitis
Nancy Cicirello
Joana Freedman ’83
Torey Gilbertson ’03
Erin Jobst & Kenneth Tovar
Rebecca Reisch ’01
Richard Rutt

In honor of Bob Barrett ’66
Thomas Bown
Cass Tokarski
R. Nat ’66 & Susan Webb

In honor of Ellen Bass
Eduardo Del Valle
Stephen Massimilla & Myra Kornfeld

In honor of Curtis Baxstrom ’83 ’84
Physical Therapy Association of WA

In honor of Willard Bleything ’51 ’52 ’54
Marcia Apple
Bradley Coffey ’79 ’81 & Mirth Walker
Graham ’88 ’90 & Dina Erickson
John Fredericks ’11
Lance ’82 & Martina Fredericks ’83
Kristina Fredericks Hertzig ’07
Fraser Horn ’00 ’04 & Nicole Kopacz-Horn ’01 ’07
John ’93 ’96 & Priscilla Thomas Lowery ’93 ’94
Scott ’68 ’70 & Joene Pike
Richard ’60 & Jennifer Picard Septon
William Sullivan
Lorne Yudcovitch ’96 ’97 & Rosiland Hursh ’98

In honor of Kameron Kawika Boro ’13 ’14
Jack & Caroline Belsom

In honor of John Boyd
Garry Smith ’74

In honor of Juliet Brosing
John Hayes & Vanessa Gray ’12
Michael Rushfeldt ’95

In honor of Meredith Brynteson ’08

In honor of David Cassady
Richard Burk ’88 & Heather Hansen-Burk ’88

In honor of Timothy Y.C. Choy ’64
Jerry & Colette Coleman
Lesley Hallick & Candace Carr
Gerilyn Murai
Robert & Johanna Rawson
Mark & Kathy Read ’89
Cassie & Allan Warman

In honor of Karl Citek
Thuemmel Uhle & Eder

In honor of Rebecca Y. Concepcion
Thomas & Hilda Younker

In honor of Jennifer Smythe Coyle ’90 ’93 ’00
Irene & Melqui Arroyo
Scott ’90 ’93 & Tricia Allen Cooper ’90
Linda Fields
Launa Kind
Melodye Mac Alpine
Stephen Taylor ’82 ’86 & Mary Lou Newbold

In honor of  James Currie
Kevin Chambers ’97 & Jennifer Gibson Chambers ’97
Glenda Johnson ’83 & David Knoyle
Kathryn Nielsen ’78
Windsor Hall Osberg
Megan Plumlee ’03 & Becca Wilhelm
Boeing Matching Gift Program
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, Inc.

In honor of Russell Dondero
Scott ’90 ’93 & Tricia Allen Cooper ’90
Christopher Tuffli ’89 & Joy Higa

In honor of Parrish Evans ’11
Benjamin Griffin ’11

In honor of Mary Fehrs
John Hayes & Vanessa Gray ’12
Michael Rushfeldt ’95

In honor of George Gage
Jeanne & Fred Oliver

In honor of Traci Goff
Michael Freeman

In honor of Benjamin Griffin ’11
Parrish Evans ’11

In honor of W. Thomas Griffith
John Hayes & Vanessa Gray ’12
Michael Rushfeldt ’95

In honor of Lesley Hallick
Elinor Langer & Martin Zwick

In honor of Lawrence & Peggy Harris
Paula Shifley

In honor of John Hayes
Julie Burris

In honor of Donna Hepler
Sarah Landels ’16

In honor of Evan Heydemann ’16
Christian & Lisa Heydemann

In honor of Betty Horn
Matthew & Rochelle Moses Lowe ’91 ’95

In honor of Michael and June Hudson
Marcia Wade

In honor of Colleen Hunter ’14
Gary & Mary Hunter

In honor of Robert ’64 & Sunny McGowan Iboshi ’67
Phillip & Janet Beyer Copeland ’67

In honor of Linda Brown Jones
National Society of New England Women

In honor of William Jordan
Glenda Johnson ’83 & David Knoyle

In honor of Shelley Jorgensen
August Mandulak
Kerry Mandulak

In honor of Kellie Kato ’17
Glenn Kato ’83 & Lydia Lem ’81 ’83

In honor of  Pam Kawasaki
Sunset Study Club

In honor of Vicky and Craig Kelly
Charles Petersen ’60

In honor of Trey Kodama ’16
Gregg & Be-Jay Kodama

In honor of Haley Kodama ’18
Gregg & Be-Jay Kodama

In honor of Joe Lang

In honor of Elinor Langer
Jennifer Miller ’11

In honor of Derek Lasko ’92
H. Joe Story

In honor of Jessica Martinez ’15
Darlene Dameron

In honor of Monica Marvin ’68
Bruce ’68 & Judith Engdahl Bishop ’68
James Fleming
Dan ’69 & Lois Hornberger
Allie & Joel Losli
Michael Mallery
Jim & Darlene Morgan
Bill & Kristy Ray
Cindy Schuppert ’83
Patricia Spillane

In honor of Fresno Masaniai ’18
Tumua & Faleaka Masaniai

In honor of George McConkie

In honor of John Mitchell
Frank ’67 & Margaret Baldwin

In honor of Wyatt Moore ’18
Mark & Kimberly Moore

In honor of Dillon Moran ’18
Sarah & Arden Thomas

In honor of Natalie Morgan ’16
Phillip & Pamela Morgan

In honor of Brittany Nahorney ’15
Michael and Jackie Nahorney

In honor of Mahala Nelson ’16
Pamela Luna

In honor of Haley Nevins ’15
Michael & Kathryn Nevins

In honor of Kathryn & Michael Nevins
Haley Nevins ’15

In honor of Roberta “Bobbi” Nickels ’70
Charles & Sally Arvidson
Hilda Echeverria
Daniel & Katherine Fortmiller
Chrystal Gualtieri
Mitchell ’82 ’84 & Laura Harstad
Leigh & Dorothy Hunt
Madeline Jepson
Maria Lara
Allie & Joel Losli
Douglas ’93 & Gladys Martin
Gary & Nancy Weber Martin ’70
Betty & Leonard Schmidlin
Ralph & Susan Schubothe
John & Mai Serkowski

In honor of Tom Nordstrom

In honor of N. Charles “Chuck” O’Connor
Victoria Horton ’97
Richard Jobs & Kimberly Brodkin

In honor of Brian O’Driscoll ’89
Liza Dombrowsky ’07

In honor of James Ogden ’72 ’73
Michael ’71 ’73 & Cindy Garton
Linda Knowles
Marguerite Ogden

In honor of Daniel O’Malley ’06
Ryan Reed

In honor of Brandy Pestka ’12
Don & Sheri Pestka

In honor of Chyann Pestka ’17
Don & Sheri Pestka

In honor of Gary Petersen
Charles Petersen ’60

In honor of David Kamana Pimental ’16
Herbert Sousa

In honor of Kelsey Powers ’17
Lonnie & Karen Powers

In honor of  Sara Quach PharmD ’13
Chau & Anna Quach

In honor of Nathaniel Quillin ’12
Michael & Jill Quillin

In honor of Tammy Spencer
Gerald & Marlene Knechtel

In honor of Michael Steele
Forrest ’85 & Phary Barnes
Zachary Barnett ’99 & Jamie Hoag-Barnett ’99
Pauline & Mick Beard
James Calder ’84
Scott ’90 ’93 & Tricia Allen Cooper ’90
Lindsey Costley ’09
Elaine Coughlin & Jonathon Lietz
Spencer ’10 & Haley Fritz Hadduck ’10
Lesley Hallick & Candace Carr
David Steinberg & Chatten Hayes
Mark ’78 ’82 & Randi Kirstein
Michael Komblevicz ’04
Marita Kunkel
John & Deborah Herr Lassell ’86
Steven ’82 & Patricia Miller
Douglas Longhurst ’89 & Linda Netherton
Daniel O’Malley ’06
James ’80 & Janice Radcliffe
Mark & Kathy Read ’89
John Rickman ’78 ’84
Alton S. Rossman
Erica ’00 & Jeff Sawyer
Ron Schaeffer ’81
Timothy ’66 & Nancy Cross Schauermann
Matthew ’02 & Kristen Bowerly Steele ’03 ’06
Thomas & Ellen Steele
Cassie & Allan Warman
Gregory ’82 ’83 & Yoriko Young

In honor of John Steiger
Mary Steiger

In honor of Joan and Otis Tallan
Charles Petersen ’60

In honor of Kristen Thomas ’10
Lynn Ironside

In honor of Carol and Pat Tone
Charles Petersen ’60

In honor of Jared VanHoon ’14
Bebette Coleman

In honor of Doyle Walls
Shelly Ellison ’96

In honor of Sylvia and Dave Weaver
Charles Petersen ’60

In honor of Christopher Wilkes
John & Linda Miller

In honor of Wendy Wood
Charles Petersen ’60

‡ Deceased

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