Letter from the President

Every legacy begins somewhere.

President Lesley M. Hallick

In this issue of Pacific magazine, we meet some of the legacy families of Pacific University.

These are families who bleed Boxer red, families who have sent generation after generation to Pacific to be part of the Boxer Spirit.

Some have been part of the Pacific family for generations: At least 14 members of the Smith family have attended the university over the last century.

For others, the tradition is newer: Carl Richardson ’86 was the first in his family to attend college, and his youngest son, Avery Richardson ‘17, is the first to follow his steps to Pacific.

They came from different backgrounds on the way to different futures: law enforcement, teaching, medical school, optometry.

What they share, though, is a common experience — the Pacific experience.

They say they came to Pacific because it felt like home.

They say they stayed for the people, the caring faculty, the family feeling.

They say they took with them not only the skills to pursue their dreams, but relationships that would last a lifetime.

Today, new legacies are starting at Pacific.

They are starting with students like Eddie Carrillo ’15. Eddie’s parents came to the United States from Mexico looking for more opportunity. Eddie is the first in his direct line to attend college, and 26 members of his family attended May Commencement to celebrate his graduation and his acceptance into graduate school.

Perhaps one of Eddie’s cousins, or someday his children, will follow him to Pacific.

Regardless, Eddie is already a legacy. He, and the Smiths, and the Richardsons, and the Humphreys, and each of you, are the legacies of Pacific University. You, our alumni, are the story we tell, the mark we leave on the world.

Thank you for choosing to be part of the Boxer family and for sharing in the legacy of Pacific University.

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