From the Editor

LuckettMy son believes he is rich. Every penny he picks up on the street, every dollar the Tooth Fairy sneaks under his pillow, he stashes away in his collection of piggy banks. “So I can go to college,” he says.

He’s certain he must have close to enough by now, not only to attend college but also to take me traveling around the world.

He is 5.

I don’t know what colleges will look like in 10 years, nor how much money he will need. I don’t know what path will be right for my children; we’ll let that develop as they grow.

But I am excited that he already values education, and I am excited that he’s building a connection to Pacific, from attending preschool on campus to walking over to watch sports or picnic under the tall trees.

Because I have no doubt that the Pacific experience is one he would cherish — as do all the alumni I speak with. In this issue of Pacific, I got to meet families who have been connected to this university for generations, as well as ones who have just embarked on this venture of higher education.

No matter their background, they shared the same memories: the welcome and sense of family, the support and friendships, and the opportunity to build their own legacy for the future.

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