Boxer Giving Day

No one goes it alone.

That pretty much summed up the message that Sara Allender ‘09 posted on Facebook on May 5 — and why she made a gift to Pacific for Boxer Giving Day.

InfoVertical“I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am for the education I have had over the past couple years, which would not have happened if there weren’t previous donors before me,” she wrote.

“It would devastate me to know that I had the opportunity to help someone achieve their educational and career goals and didn’t.”

Allender was among the 338 Pacific University alumni to participate in the first Boxer Giving Day this spring. Donors had the opportunity to leverage their gifts for more, thanks to a challenge by a group of Pacific supporters, mostly trustees. The group promised to give $45,000 to the university if 515 donors gave during the 24-hour window starting May 5.

The Pacific community stepped up, big.

The goal of 515 donors was surpassed in the first eight hours; by the end of the day, 1,090 people had made gifts.

Some offered additional challenges: The College of Arts & Sciences Advisory Council pledged $15,000 if 100 donors made gifts to support the college; 180 donors did so.

Trustee Bob Barrett ‘66 committed an additional gift to the College of Business and challenged five others to match him; instead, 31 met the challenge, with more than $11,000.

All told, donors gave more than $165,000 to Pacific University within 24 hours.

Alumni were a significant portion of the donors, but students and employees also made a strong showing.

TommyTweets_GivingDayTaylor Ann Hiraki ‘17 brought her peers into Marsh Hall to give in person.

“It’s important to get students involved in the university community,” she said.

“Almost everything the parents do, everything the alumni do, everything the faculty does is for the students.”

Kerry Mandulak, a faculty member in the School of Communication Sciences & Disorders, rallied her colleagues to the cause.

“The very first day I came here for faculty orientation, President Hallick said, ‘I am asking you to engage with students at this university.’ I was like, ‘Done,’” she said.

“That’s what I’ve always wanted my job to be about. So when there’s an opportunity to give to the university to support students and the mission of the university, it’s great.”

Boxer Giving Day 2016 will be March 15. But you don’t have to wait to make a difference! Make a gift today!

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