Private Practice

Less than two years after earning his physical therapy degree from Pacific, Bryan Lang is practicing in his own business.

Bryan Lang’s older sister is a physical therapist.

So, of course, he resisted her encouragement to explore the field.

“I love her to death, but you don’t want to always follow in your big sister’s footsteps,” said Lang PT ’13, MHA ’14.

Still, it was her prompting that eventually led him to the field — a field where he now owns a clinic with his sister as a partner.

“A lot of people come to the profession because they got hurt and have experience with PT,” Lang said. “I didn’t have that experience. I just really liked science.”

Paul Ostrander Memorial in McCormick Residence Hall

He thought about medical school but wanted to be established in a career faster than that path would allow. He enjoyed the academic side of pharmacy but discovered on a job shadow that the practical side wasn’t a good fit.

Finally, as an undergraduate at Oregon State University, he shadowed a physical therapist in Corvallis.

“I loved it,” he said. “You can build a rapport with clients better than other health professions. You’re on the road to recovery for them. You can really make a difference in someone’s life, both physically and mentally.”

Lang, who grew up in the Pacific Northwest, applied to several PT schools, but Pacific University was his No. 1 choice. He got in, then decided to hedge his bets by dual enrolling in the master of healthcare administration program.

“It’s a good degree to have,” he said. “And, it was a reasonable cost since I’d already put the money into the PT program.”

Lang said he graduated from the PT program on a Saturday and started work at a clinic on the following Monday morning. For a year, he’d work during the week and go to his MHA classes on the weekends. He kicked around the idea of someday owning his own practice.

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