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LuckettI remember the moment during my senior year of high school when everything just clicked.

One day, everything we were talking about — in Western Civ, AP English, Spanish IV — it was all connected. Suddenly, these disparate seven periods a day made sense. This was an education.

I didn’t know the phrase “liberal arts education” back then. I just knew that I wanted those connections to keep happening.

I ended up at a school not unlike Pacific University, where I majored in communications and dabbled in too many other subjects to secure a minor.

I am still paying for that privilege. Despite savings and scholarships, three jobs, family assistance and early graduation, I still incurred debt, but I don’t mind.

The value of my degree, to me, is not only the credentials to find work but also the ability to learn new things (and trust me, after studying print journalism, I’ve had to pick up some new skills). College helped me become a more informed consumer, a more compassionate global neighbor, and a more critical citizen.

So many Pacific University alumni agree. Some, like Bryan Lang PT ’13, MHA ’14, followed a professional path and found success. Others, like Brandon von Damitz ’04 and Kelleigh Stewart ’04, took a completely new direction.

Mike Steele, who found the same value as a faculty member, perhaps said it best: “That’s the nice thing about Pacific. You can grow into whoever you are.”

Jenni M. Luckett
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