Domino Effect

The Ebola Domino Project uses art to bring awareness and support to the ebola crisis in Africa.

A collection of drawings by Bill Forst '67

Art Therapy

Stunning collection of drawings display a passion, and PTSD therapy, for Bill Forst ’67.

The Poetry of Life

Poetry and Prose have helped playwright Jill Kimie Sadoyama ’74 express the loss of her childhood best friend.

Still Life

Hard work and persistence took Getty Images photographer Andrew Walker ’92 from inspiration to profession

Stage Success

Freshman year experiences at Pacific University introduced Sue Mach to the theatre. In January, the playwright opened two of her original works in Portland.

Shaker Art

Pacific's Creative Director sketches and paints salt and pepper shakers to commemorate travels and important life moments. 

Strange Brew

Home-brewing has become a renowned hobby in Oregon and creating the perfect recipe is an art in itself.

Walking on [solid] glass

Walter Gordinier ’73 creates structural art out of glass in his Portland studio. Among his creations are the glass panels on the second floor of the Pacific University Library.

Glass Houses

Doug Anderson

Doug Anderson, Pacific’s new art professor, seeks to create art that expresses his experiences and observations of the human condition.

Mind Bender

A GRANDFATHER'S SHARING OF DARKROOM CRAFT with his 8-year-old granddaughter and a photography professor's encouragement lead to two majors—and a continuing interest in the art of the image.