Lifetime Adventure

Del Judy '46, MAEd '73

From student to mother to teacher to traveler, Del Judy ’46, MAEd ’73 shares a life of adventure and activity that started with Pacific University

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“They gave me such an opportunity.”



When Delilah Wheeler married into the Judy family, caramels were already a tradition.

Her mother-in-law, Iva R. Judy, made and sold the candies to supplement her husband’s minister’s income and support their six children
in Douglas, Wyo. When the family moved to Walla Walla, Wash., Judy’s Cream Caramels became a door-to-door and mail-order business that helped get the family through the Great Depression.

Del married Iva’s son, Clayton, in the 1940s, and Iva taught Del the secret to making rich, creamy caramels. She also turned the mailing list over to Clayton. Del kept making and selling the candies, adding her own touch — chocolate coating — in 1984. She also followed in the family tradition, passing the skill on to her own daughter-in-law, Debbie, who heads up the business today.

Del Judy still helps out making caramels during the busy holiday rush seasons, but the business end has mostly moved to the next generation. Del Judy is still a delectable caramel confectioner, though, and often keeps a stash of caramels on hand — and they’re delicious.