Learning experience

Learning experience

Pacific’s College of Education is taking a new approach to teacher training, embedding science and math professionals in the diverse, high-needs Woodburn School District.

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Grants and a growing population also have allowed the district to retain some of the extras that so many districts have had to abandon in tight budgetary years—Woodburn is the only district in Oregon, for example, to have free access to high school sports for students.

These innovations make it a “high-needs” school district that doesn’t actually have the same trouble attracting teachers experienced by many of its ilk.

“We’re very well-known across universities in Oregon,” said Superintendent David Batista. “When a student has language skills, they want to be with us. Teachers want to be in our district.”

Even with the ability to be a bit choosy, Bautista says he was anxious to work with the Pacific pilot program.

The philosophical understanding Dr. Carr has, the quality, fidelity and consistency of the program” made it an attractive partner, Bautista said. 

“It becomes a lab for STEM students to see the complexity of what it is to teach our students,”

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