Jan Shield

Jan Shield, Art Professor. (Photo by Heidi Hoffman)

Legacy of Art

Art Professor Jan Shield has not only left his mark on Pacific, but a legacy for future generations.

Shield has seen Pacific University grow and change over the last 40 years, but will be saying goodbye, after this academic year.

With over 40 works of art displayed on the Forest Grove campus and the Health Professions campus, Shield’s work can be seen in nearly every building. Among them are a series of paintings in the basement computer labs of Marsh Hall, the art above the University Center fireplace and pieces displayed in residence halls.

“I have always felt being here is a state of giving, and that my teaching and the art works’ impact on peoples lives will continue,” said Shield. “Part of my life and work continues to have a place in the eyes and hearts of all who look with an interest in broadening their awareness.”

While at Pacific, Shield has also helped to establish the permanent collection of art, served as director of exhibits for 28 years, and worked with past Board of Trustees members, presidents and vice presidents to help create the Taylor-Meade Performing Arts Center.

One of Shield’s prized accomplishments was his work with New York artist Kathrin Cawein, whom he worked with for over ten years during her numerous visits to the University to teach.

As a result of their collaboration, Cawein left her estate to the University, which increased endowed arts scholarships by over $630,000.  For her generosity, the University named the art gallery in Scott Hall after her.

For Shield, one of the most memorable moments during his time at Pacific was when he was able to assist his class in redesigning a parking lot to the north side of Marsh Hall. The parking lot would later become Trombley Square.

When he retires at the end of this school year, Shield says that he will miss his students the most.

“I will no doubt miss my students and all their desires to increase their expressive potentials most along with continual involvement with colleagues, collaboration projects, exhibits, and the day to day continuum,” said Shield.

-- Ashleigh Simons '12

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