Homecoming & Family Weekend

Homecoming & Family Weekend

Reunion and Homecoming Weekend are upon us. What do you remember of your Pacific experience?

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Wendell Tobiason believes parents should visit campus during events and connect with their kids and their University family. “My daughter [Anika Tobiason ’13] is immediately caught up in the activities that are planned for the students, but there is less ‘hand-holding’ for the parents,” he says. “This is part of why I participate in the Parent Association.” He also thinks when parents are involved in the University, their kids get a better education ­– even if the involvement is indirect.

Pacific University has positively impacted both Wendell and Anika. He is proud of her work, and his daughter is exploring all of the possibilities in her areas of interest.

Jessica Cornwell is a 2010 graduate of Pacific. She currently lives in Forest Grove and works at the Forest Grove News-Times, when she isn’t writing for Pacific magazine or rooting for the Boxers.