Creating Opportunities (Philanthropy Edition)

Creating Opportunities (Philanthropy Edition)

Pacific University launched Janet Copeland’s lifelong pursuit of education. When she earned her doctorate at age 65, she and her husband celebrated by endowing a scholarship at Pacific to give someone else the same start.

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“Now that we’ve retired and we’re able to get ahold of some of our money … we wanted to do something to help somebody else beginning the journey.”

The Copelands’ endowment will fund a scholarship that will support a young woman, preferably from east of the Rocky Mountains, starting her education at Pacific University.

“We’re trying to duplicate the opportunities Pacific gave her for people to broaden their horizons,” Phillip Copeland said. “You just want to give people an opportunity to take the next step, clear the way so they have chance to better themselves.”
Donors who give $1,000 or more in a year become members of the Charles Trombley Society.