Aloha Spirit

Aloha Spirit

The annual Lu‘au is more than a feast. It’s a celebration of Hawai‘i culture, a learning experience and a connection to home for Pacific University’s many students from Hawai‘i. 

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Most importantly, they continue to provide love and support for their children and for students whose families aren’t able to make the trip.

Our fellow students who are not from Hawai‘i get involved, too. They help serve food, and they welcome and seat guests for the performance. Many students bring their families and friends to partake in the celebration. Some even participate in the show: Pacific University offers a one-credit hula class during the spring semester, open to any student. Participants learn basic hula steps, phrases and a song, and the hula class number at Lu‘au typically is the only one to use all-authentic Hawaiian implements.

Pacific University’s NHOH annual Lu‘au has evolved over the past 53 years. Today, it is a tremendous event encompassing a huge number of students and volunteers who create a wonderful meal and show for their community.

To have such a wonderful opportunity to grow as individuals and to learn about ourselves makes this endeavor worthwhile. We learn teamwork, cooperation, patience and humility. The work is hard and the hours long, but the lessons learned and friendships made — plus the happy faces seen after a job well done — are more than enough to keep us doing the "u‘au over and over again.

Lacey Chong ’11, MAT ’12 participated in Lu’au as an undergraduate and graduate student. She now teaches young children at the Pacific University Early Learning Community and continues to help with Lu’au as an alumna. She taught this spring’s hula class on campus.

Tickets to the 53rd annual Lu‘au on April 13, 2013, may still be available.

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