About the Cover

Go behind the scenes of a picnic photo shoot for the Fall 2012 cover of Pacific magazine. Above, Multimedia Manager Parrish Evans snaps shots of a group of alumni, friends and students raising their glasses at the potluck picnic July 19, 2012.
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The Fall 2012 issue of Pacific magazine has been dubbed, in-house, “the food issue.” The idea was to tell Pacific’s story through a lens of food, through stories of agriculture, hunger relief, cultural taste and culinary trend.

[Select the picture to the right to see behind-the-scenes photos by Parrish Evans and Michelle Bose.]

We didn’t specifically set out to tell a story about food as a gathering point for community, as an impetus to come together and relate to one another as human beings. In retrospect, that aspect of food was so obvious that we overlooked it. But, to a person, everyone we spoke to for the story mentioned it in some way or another.

And so, our cover: We wanted to illustrate that ubiquitous and almost unnoticed power of food to connect people in community.

We invited Pacific University alumni, employees, students and friends to pull out their favorite recipes, cook up a dish and join us for a potluck picnic under the oaks on a summer afternoon. Our guests ranged from my son, a 2-year-old potential future Boxer, to 1958 alumnus Jeri Dobbs, who was featured with his wife in the issues feature story “Food For All.” A few of the folks we invited couldn’t make it, so we turned to students who were on campus preparing for orientation and even a group of high-schoolers studying in the library.

And there, under the guise of a photo shoot, around a table filled with salad and bread, soup and wine, these strangers shared a meal, shared a story and became friends. Thus, the power of food.