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Transitions, Fall 2012

Comings and goings of Pacific University faculty and staff.

Q&A, Fall 2012

If you could go anywhere, where would you go and what would you eat?

Watch more members of the Pacific family answer in this online video, then join the conversation below. 

Honors & Awards, Fall 2012

Featuring top accomplishments by Pacific University faculty and staff members Len Hua, Jules Boykoff, Brent Johnson, Robin Shallcross, Kwame Dawes and Joseph Millar.

Quick Facts, Fall 2012

Tidbits of news from Pacific's campuses.

Lineup, Fall 2012

Featuring top-performing student-athletes Chelsey Chamberlain, Cathlene Goya, Michael Hunker, Kevin Schwartz and Jared Van Hoon.

Huddle, Fall 2012

Featuring award-winning alumni, faculty and staff in the world of athletics, including Tim Hamlet, Mike McCabe, Dave Bell and Lindsay Strothers.

By the Numbers: Drink Local

Beer and wine are more than beverages in Oregon; they are staples of the landscape, both physical and economic. Vintners and brewers make good use of the region’s temperate climate and excellent soil to produce world-class handcrafted libations. In turn, every aspect of the process—from the growing of hops and grapes, to processing, to tourism—keeps the state’s economy flowing. (Do we need to remind you to drink responsibly?)

Data | Oregon Wine Board and Oregon Brewers Guild

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Briefly Noted, Fall 2012

Featuring the visit of a group of Burundi children to Pacific EyeClinic; a grant to the College of Education; a new full scholarship for a graduate of Jefferson High School; new programs in Arts & Sciences and Health Professions; and charitable gifts from College of Optometry alumni in Japan.

Sustaining Pacific

The new Center for a Sustainable Society will provide a collaborative framework for sustainability efforts on all of Pacific’s campuses.

Spirited Gift

Don Metzger '66, O.D. '67 has had the tail of the original Boxer statue for 45 years. In July, he returned it to Pacific University.