Hal Chapman

Family History

At least 14 members of the extended Smith family have attended Pacific University.

Family Ties

Fourteen members of the extended Smith family have attended Pacific University over three generations. The Boxer Spirit is in their blood.

Second Generation

Avery Richardson ’17 thought his dad was making up the idyllic stories of his alma mater. He never imagined he’d follow Carl Richardson ’86 to Pacific.

Land of Opportunity

Eddie Carrillo ‘15 fulfills dreams, for his family and himself

Vision for the Future

The Humphreys put the ‘family’ in Family Eye Care

Loving the Daily Grind

A couple of alumni took a chance on a Hawai‘i coffee farm. Five years later, they are winning awards and giving back to the coffee community. 

Private Practice

Less than two years after earning his physical therapy degree from Pacific, Bryan Lang is practicing in his own business.

10 Tips for Excellent Business Etiquette

Jeanne Oliver has been the "Miss Manners" of the Pacific University College of Optometry for 25 years, though her real title is director of external relations. Beyond her “day job,” Oliver gives optometry students a little lesson in professional comportment with an annual session in business etiquette and “final exam” of a formal five-course dinner event with some of the college’s corporate partners. 

A Path to the Next Step

Continuing education offerings provide opportunities to move

Down With Debt

Is college worth the cost? Empirical data says yes. So do a couple of Pacific University alumni, now that they have paid off all the debt they accrued during and immediately after school.